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Exhibition review of Moonlight Farmers

Julia Schäfer

Moonlight Farmers

Mariana Murcia

Jacob Ott

Johannes Willi

December 9, 2023–February 3, 2024, Miriam Gallery, Brooklyn


How to create something together?

What bird are you? Early bird or night owl?

You fly in, I fly out. Bodies are moving, squished by gravitiy, dry-eyed, dehydrated, folded by hours of sitting upright.

Compression socks are real.

Compress yourself, then expand.

You are not here yet. Just online.

Timezones, who cares.

In seprate planes but same chatroom.

Are you still there?

Still up?

Just had a thought:

If you put your positive affirmation into something, big things can happen.

Air, fields, or water are mediums.

Things can finally move.

The only time it’s quiet is under the moon’s gaze.

Again, how to create something together?

Everyone in one room.

Everyone around one drawing.

Each of us with an instrument.

Play me what you want, and I’ll tell you what you need.

Have you ever seen an ad carved into a field from a plane?

Many things can only be seen by birds.

Daylight distracts; daylight reveals.

What happens when no one is watching?

Installation view

"Moonlight Farmers" casts an entrancing light on the interconnected worlds of Mariana Murcia, Jacob Ott, and Johannes Willi—three artists who delve into the shared lives, mutual stories, and the luminous resilience of those who toil under the moon's watchful gaze. Within the gallery space, a white plastered plane floats at eye level, upheld by a steel grid supported by a dozen shiny trumpets. The plane nearly fills the entire room. On each of its wings, a screen is mounted on cloth hangers, projecting a video of a cloudy sky with birds flying in and out of the frame. The work investigates modes of working and existing not just as creatives but within society at large, inherently posing the question of how we continue creating together.

Exhibition review by Julia Schäfer, 22.12.2023

Installation detail
mikromöndly performance