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Kunsthalle Basel, Tobias Spichtig, Everything No One Ever Wanted

Johannes Willi

Tobias Spichtig's exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel has its strongest moment at the opening, when Mick Barr's concert takes place on the stage set up for the audience. It is not the painting, nor the cupboards in the second room, nor the gravestones in the third room that are able to create a quality on their own, but the assemblage in room 1 during the concert consisting of the vernissage audience, minimalist guitar riffs, the stage and aliens staring at you from the picture carriers with expressionless eyes. "Everything No One Ever Wanted" works the moment you think you're at an "immersive art experience" event. Art enjoyment with digital depth without digital depth for an audience that doesn't have to bring anything with them.

Photo: Mariana Murcia