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Museum Tinguely Delphine Reist - OIL [oil, olio, huile] 18. October 2023 - 14. January 2024


Everything falls.
Free fall in empty space.
The location is abandoned.
The fitted carpet is peeling brownish from the floor at the cut edges.
The room is tired.
The gross national product drags itself through the sewers of the desolate office complex.
Nothing works any more.
Everything is falling.

In Delphine Reist's video work "Averse" from 2007, the neon fluorescent tubes gradually fall out of their starter plugs in the ceiling panelling. Seconds later, what was still lit up shatters on the floor with a poisonous bang.
At some point it is then dark.
There is perhaps not much more that can be said about life in the 21st century.
It was something that has outlived itself. Now there is emptiness and tiredness in an overabundance in which the lights are slowly going out. Reist sensed this a year before the lights went out in so many offices in 2008 that you had to burn freshly printed central bank money in them to believe that you could see anything in the firelight.

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