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For Space, Terms and Conditions, 16.12.2023 – 10.02.2024


I think the real pleasure for Christof, the producer of the series 'Truman Show' from the film of the same name by Peter Weir, is not the immersion into the intimate life of his protagonist Truman, played by Jim Carrey. It's the feeling of looking out at this tranquil and easy-to-digest world from the control center of the artificial moon and knowing that everything is in its place, just as you planned it.

Cyril Tyrone Hübscher develops his own versions of architectural models as part of his artificial work. Sometimes it may be very easy for the viewer to understand which place it is - such as with Cyril's Roche towers at this year's Swiss Art Awards - but sometimes the works are more cryptic and a bit of guesswork is required to see which architectural miniature land you are looking at stands bent straight like a merciful god looking down on his world.

For “Terms and Conditions” at For Space, Cyril made a white landscape float above the earth, supported by a glittering podium caused by the visitors' footsteps. The thoroughly artificial architecture presented in the model initially looks like an airport terminal or perhaps a somewhat outdated, loveless shopping center. In fact, it is part of a subway station in Germany. As soon as you know this and also know that it is a place that you know well, the orientation and sorting begins. Where are the shabby toilets? Where is the baker with the bad pretzels? Where is the decommissioned locker system? The interesting thing about this process is that it breaks down the enjoyment of art into something that is very close to the typical question you get asked again and again by less art-loving relatives with whom you might find yourself lost in a museum: What's the point of that? represent? And just as Aunt Erna wants to know why the man in the Chagall painting has a green head, I won't rest until I've pored over Cyril's work and found out which little model room of his sculpture would actually contain KFC. I want to feel like everything is in its place in a tranquil and easy-to-digest way, especially at the end of the year.