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Roche: «Up #7» von Sabina Lang und Daniel Baumann


The only high-rise canyon in Basel, which is only around 100 metres long but almost 200 metres deep, has recently been pierced in white. In this urban void, a gesture twisted upwards into uncertainty stands out. No inscription plaque can yet be found, but between Building 1 and Building 2 of Roche, not far from the two Fischli/Weiss boulders, whose balance is not so beautiful, as it obviously does not break apart immediately. Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann have had a tubular steel rod installed, which penetrates the empty space between the two sail-shaped buildings with a certain bent caution.
Many journalists in the region refer, not without good reason, to the similarly towering sculpture by Bernhard Luginbühl, which pierces the sky in front of the main Roche complex at Solitude Park with a rusty red colour. There is something cool about the work, but also something excessively harmless. A new chapter in the eternal dilemma of public sculptures. What may really inspire Corporate-KunstamBau may never really inspire. But I am personally inspired by the poetry of the form "Building Permits on Public Land (Allmend)" from the Civil Engineering Office of the Department of Construction and Transport of the Canton of Basel City, which Roche had to submit for the installation of the work and which is publicly accessible.
work and which is publicly accessible. It explicitly asks about the USE of the structural intervention in the cityscape. The use of art. Things quickly become philosophical at the civil engineering office. The office directly offers a range of options:

FTTH (Fibre to the home)
road construction
Line construction
Light wells
plant holes
Cantonal project
other name

Read this in the style of a Dadaist poem by Johannes Theodor Baargeld. Civil engineering poetry.

And as you would expect. Once again, art has to be parked in the "other" category (as in what feels like every form handed out by the public sector). No wonder it comes across so contorted.

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